Internet Marketing Approach

An Introduction to Internet Marketing and Making a Search Engine Friendly Site

It is important to clarify what you're aiming for when building a website. Probably the first and most obvious aim is to make your website search engine friendly in order to deliver traffic from the main search engines.  Using search engines as an activity comes high on the list of most web users so ranking well in the major search engines especally Google is clearly very important.

The real value of traffic that comes from search engines is of course that they are likely to be highly relevant as they have come via the use of keywords. It is therefore crucial to serve up content which fully matches that particular goal and when this is done, it is possible to achieve much success in this highly targeted environment.

It is also very important to make sure that the content which you include in your site can be updated in the future in an accessible and fully optimised manner.  A good example is a website we built and currently market for a company offering holiday accommodation rentals. Search engine friendliness and usability or accessibility really go hand-in-hand where web design and Internet marketing are concerned.  Search engines are basically trying to imitate the human experience of weeding out poor web pages and finding more relevant ones and they are therefore forced to employ means which will assist in this process so to a degree, the search engines experience of your website should mirror that of a human.  Also where link popularity is concerned, search engines have always strived to measure the importance or reliability of these links and basically a search engine will 'presume', that if a site has relevant and/or high quality incoming links - not just from other websites but also from social media such as Facebook pages - then it will itself be a high-quality site!  It stands to reason then that a well designed, highly usable website will attract more quality links to it and this is another good reason for designing such a site in the first place.